Sunday, April 22, 2012

What i have learnt over the course of the semester

What I have learnt over the course of the semester:
I have learnt a lot of things like new vocabulary and new website and how to use it, new vocabulary: input, output, blog roll, web log, web1.0 and web2.0, Black screen (called of the web of yesterday). A Website like wordle ,  flicker , and voice thread are very interesting.

Difficulties I have met:

Some difficulties that I have to create the Blog It was difficult, to work on the blog, it takes more time, but it’s Interesting to work on it. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand some vocabulary or sentence on the course.

Moreover I have learnt the difference between broadcasting and podcasting,   also using  the tool voice thread  was very interesting ,  for the  podcast I really like ,  because  I found  a lot of interesting podcast ,  I think  it was good to use it  for  my oral comprehension.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kit CarpenterCranfield MBA Experience 2:25

This Podcast Talks about the experience of Kit Carpenter at Cranfield Experience school of Management.  She said that as she progressed to MBA curriculum her knowledge and competence were increasing, she was able to deliver more value to the customer that is much more important and  she thought that the investment  MBA was good at this  moment .the advice that she gave , when someone came to Grandfield  to study MBA ,  there was an impact on the personal life of the person ,  when the person arrived to Crandfield you are suppose to  engage learning  , and   your are changing  , the MBA goes very quickly ,  if  the  management is well there is no problem to get your graduation . The MBA open her mind, to new ways, new ideas, to deliver benefits, gave her much more that she have anticipated, and much value.

Podcast N°2Podcast N°2

Stanford Summer Teaching Institute: Program OverView
Pamela Grossman , Susan O’Hara ,  Cammy Huang , Ann Jaquith,  Emily Davis / Time :4:55

 This video is talk about The Stanford Summer Teaching Institute and Center to Support Excellence Teaching which are an Institute where teachers and leaders practice new methods and innovate with new learning materials for classrooms and schools.  These institutes invites faculty came from across the university from English , Sciences , Art and History. Participants get a wealth of expertise within those subject .

1) What is the meaning of C .S. E. T?  (Choose right meaning)
Center to support excellence teaching
Center to see the evolution of teaching
Center to support educational technology
2) What is the mission and vision of C.S.E.T?
Thinking about how to support excellent teaching, what is the type of leadership that they need.
3) What’s C.S.E.T supposes to have?
C.S.E.T supposing to have weak teachers for the same three years.
4) What C.S.E.T has?
C.S.E.T has a good teacher for three years in a row.
5) What C.S.E.T makes?
He makes a difference between a Top of your class and the bottom of your class.
6) What does S.S.T.I mean?
S.S.T.I means Stanford Summer Teaching Instiute.
7) What’s the S.S.T.I offers to the participants?
He offers to the participants a wealth of expertise in those subjects.
8) What’s the Stanford Summer Teaching Institute?
Stanford Summer Teaching Institute is an opportunity for teachers to continue deepening their own understanding as both their content that they teach as well teaching itself.
9) Quote example of faculty comes to teach in S.S.T.I?
Scientist, English, Art and History.
10) What’s S.S.T.I program brings to teachers?
This program helps teachers to practice new teaching methods , with new learning materials in classroom and school.

11) Where come from the professional invites by S.S.T.I?
      Faculty across university.
12) According to Emily Davis how much time take the course in S.S.T.I?
Some of them are three or four days long, some of them 2 weeks long.
13) How many Goals have leadership for learning workshop?
Leadership for learning workshop has two goals.
14) Quote the 2 Goals of leadership for learning workshop?
First is to develop their instructional leadership team they had a share vision of one instructional is in their school.
Second is really teaching teams all the instructional leaders about sort of the sources they need to have an order to support excellence instruction at their school.
15) What is the interesting thing of leadership for learning workshop on course?
       Team Based
17) What is the Team Based course?
Team based course is where Principal and Teachers come and share professional experience together, work on something.
18) According to Ann jaquith what opportunity the teachers have in institute?
They have opportunity to come back together again and talk about how the ideas, and strategies they try out .
19) What’s leadership does to support excellence teaching in S.S.T.I?
To support excellence Instructional leadership began actively engage and building a kind of sources they are going to need.
20)  According to Pam Grossman What the teacher need to keep their class vibrant?
  As provided for intellectual national that Teacher needs to keep their class vibrant.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overview of Executive Education Program

Here is Various Speakers who talk about Executive Education Program Offer by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Taught in several Faculties on this University like Scientist, engineering school, designer, public policy, and lawyer. So The Executive Education Program gives an opportunity a participant to come to Stanford understand what call-in enough ideas are, have the goals ideas and really prepare their organization. Also Faculty of Scientist use other Program who from the top companies or small companies. Stanford Graduate School of Business has an Event called Executive Circle Summits where they put former participant on Executive education Program, (they offer some benefits for participant) ,  other Business Leader, and then exposes new idea innovated for the university, and how they can use those ideas.


Sunday, March 4, 2012


Facebook is experiencing  a particulary successful with young people  but also to professionals looking  to expand their professional network. However this social network has an advantage because it facilitates the learning of foreign languages , especially english. it can retain the vocabulary and grammar simple and useful in everday life. but the biggest help that Facebook bring to learning a foreign language is being able to meet and talk with strangers around the world. He can indeed help people learning  a foreign language  to practice on a regular basis.

But For Beginners or Those Wishing to improve their english for professional purposes  they will need a language course because it provides students with the basic grammatical bases  that unfortunately  often neglected in social networks  and especially  allow to express in spoken language also is a necessary step  in learning a language.


Monday, February 27, 2012

MICROSOFT (Technology)

  SO Here The  Microsoft's controller-free, motion-sensing which make you able to interact with virtual worlds through speech and gestures in a way that not long time ago was the matter of science-fiction. It is the first product that control an interface using only gesture and voice.

Monday, February 20, 2012


TECHNOLOGY is a Word  in which we find a lot of Tools and Things   Like computer , Electronic screen, Internet , Cell phone , Information. we can Also tell Technology is new machines, equipment and ways of doing things are based on modern knowledge about science and computer.