Sunday, April 22, 2012

What i have learnt over the course of the semester

What I have learnt over the course of the semester:
I have learnt a lot of things like new vocabulary and new website and how to use it, new vocabulary: input, output, blog roll, web log, web1.0 and web2.0, Black screen (called of the web of yesterday). A Website like wordle ,  flicker , and voice thread are very interesting.

Difficulties I have met:

Some difficulties that I have to create the Blog It was difficult, to work on the blog, it takes more time, but it’s Interesting to work on it. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand some vocabulary or sentence on the course.

Moreover I have learnt the difference between broadcasting and podcasting,   also using  the tool voice thread  was very interesting ,  for the  podcast I really like ,  because  I found  a lot of interesting podcast ,  I think  it was good to use it  for  my oral comprehension.

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